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Hey! I'm Anna Tookey.  x x x

// Welcome to my portfolio!                   


Click on the navigation to view my professional contributions, personal projects, game jams, and my blog!

About me! I am a game designer and developer. (Most of the time!)

I graduated with a bachelor's degree in games programming @ SAE Dubai and since then I have worked in a couple of game studios around the UAE. I've worked on an indie precision platformer as well as a live mobile MMO.


Currently, I teach as a Game Design lecturer @ SAE Dubai.

Oh! and I am currently pursuing a MA in game design @ Falmouth university

/ }

// Professional projects! 👾                                     

  • Enci's Solution - High Ping Entertainment (2021 - 2022)

  • Growtopia - Ubisoft Abu Dhabi (2019 - 2020)

Enci's Solution                  

High ping entertainment - Game designer (2021 - 2022)


Game is currently under development. 

Worked on:

- Level design 

- Mechanics design

- Design documentation /company PR

- Agile development / scrum master


Ubisoft Abu Dhabi - Game designer (2019- 2020)


Growtopia is a sandbox, MMO game on mobile.

The game maintains 50,000 concurrent players while pushing live events every month. 

The concept of the game is very straightforward. 
Grow everything! Once it's grown, take the seeds and splice seeds together to discover new seeds!

Plant seeds -> Get item -> Splice seed -> Repeat!

Growtopia boasts new events, and items and showcases player-created worlds. If you would like to learn more about my contributions, please click here

Roles in the project:

Game designer. Designed events, items, levels, UI, UX, contributed to balance sheets, design documentation, communication with outsourcers, integration & QA.



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