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I'M Anna tOOKEY.

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About me! I am a game designer and developer! I take interest in mechanics design, level design, narrative, and all things agile
I graduated with a bachelor's degree in games programming @ SAE Dubai and since then I have worked in a couple of game studios around the UAE. I've worked on an indie precision platformer as well as a live mobile MMO.
Currently, I teach as a Game Design lecturer @ SAE Dubai.
Oh! and I am currently pursuing a MA in game design @ Falmouth university. 
But in short, I'm a: Game Developer, Dice maker, Project Manager, Level 15 Rogue, Game Designer & Overall general nerd. 


professional projects.

  • Enci's Solution - High Ping Entertainment (2021 - 2022)

  • Growtopia - Ubisoft Abu Dhabi (2019 - 2020)

Project: Enci's solution
Enci's solution is a precision platformer which is currently under development.

High ping entertainment - Game designer (2021 - 2022)


Project still under NDA 

Worked on:

- Level design 

- Mechanics design

- Design documentation /company PR

- Agile development/scrum master

Project: Growtopia

Ubisoft Abu Dhabi - Game designer (2019- 2020)


Growtopia is a sandbox, MMO game on mobile.

The game maintains 50,000 concurrent players while pushing live events every month. 

The concept of the game is very straightforward. 
Grow everything! Once it's grown, take the seeds and splice seeds together to discover new seeds!

Plant seeds -> Get item -> Splice seed -> Repeat!

Growtopia boasts new events, and items and showcases player-created worlds. If you would like to learn more about my contributions, please click here

Roles in the project:

Game designer. Designed events, items, levels, UI, UX, contributed to balance sheets, design documentation, communication with outsourcers, integration & QA.

pERSONAL projects.

Project: Brink
Brink is an abstract game currently under development. *Masters project
The concept of the game is to play with the idea of health and see if there is a way to spin it from normal conventions. At this point in time, it is a small prototype for my master's degree but it will be developed further in the future.  
Project: Tales of the Nine Realms
Screenshot 2022-09-22 095040.png
*Student project (2020)
Tales of the nine realms follows the Norse story of Odin and how he lost his eye. 

Traverse through 3 different environments from Asgard to Jotunheim and Yggdrasil. Fight enemies and conquer the battlefield with Odin's unique skills.

Fight in turn-based combat inspired by tabletop gameplay. 
Learn more
Project: Bloomsday
*Student project
Bloomsday is a game set in an abandoned factory which was affected by the Chernobyl disaster

The protagonist (known as Sunny) is a sunflower which has gained a mutation which allows him to absorb the abilities from other flowers. 

The journey follows Sunny's adventure to escape the factory.
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Project: Walking Puzzle Game(VR)
Learn more
This game was made in two days due to my device dying. Our task was to create three simple puzzles and make a themed game out of it. The video above shows a quick run through and a demonstration in VR.
This was one of the first projects I completed in unity.  
Project: C++ Pictionary / Map Editor
This map editor/ tool was made entirely in C++, using visual studio and the sfml libraries. This was my first time working with C++. Within this project we learned how to save and load to a text file and more. 
First time using c++ 
Project: Pounce hug - Game Jam
This game was made in 48 hours for the 2019 global game jam. The theme was "Home" so our team decided to make a game where you go around and hug people until they join your army. Then its a matter of hugging the entire world!! >:D 

ConTact mE

Contact me photo.jpg
Feel free to contact me on the following:
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My Experience

9th June, 2019 - 26th August, 2019


Project Manager & Programmer

- Serious games & MDA Framework

- Focused on creating real-time multiplayer

- Created and stored information in a backend server.

- GLSL Shaders & Visual aesthetic studies

- Multithreading to increase performance

9th June, 2019 - 11th August, 2019


Project Manager & Lead Game Designer

- Sketching & creating concepts

- Paper prototyping & game design document

- Principles of game design

- Importance of player feedback & testing.

- Balancing different effects & gameplay/ 

- How to market your game on various platforms

23rd February, 2019 - 3rd May, 2019


Project Manager & Lead Programmer
- Agile development methodologies.

- Managing a team fo 11 people ( 2 programmers, 2 designers, 5 artists & 2 music producers)

- A* Pathfinding & Boid behaviour for game AI

- Integrating Animation within Unity & Blend trees

25th January, 2019 - 26th Janurary, 2019

Pounce hug


- Brainstorming ideas based on a loose theme.

- Created a game under time constraints (24 hours).

- Used different camera types to create a dynamic UI.

- Quick prototyping & implementing features quickly.

- Finding creative & fast solutions to fix the problem quickly.



i did some cool stuff

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